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Sultan Djem Osman, the younger son of Sultan Mehmed III, though elder son born during the reign of his father, took the reins of the Empire.

All enemies to an Empire were needed to be exhausted.

The Grand Master knew of what fate lay ahead, though through determination and strength from the Maltese, Knights and the European powers to over power the Turks once and for.

Further note: Sultan Djem was recognized by the following as H. H, Prince and Sultan Djem Sayd of the Ottoman Empire.

- Knight of St John in Rhodes Island, 1482 by Pierre d Aubusson and the successive Grand Masters of St John in Rhodes Island; - Pope Alexander VI Borgia-Acknowledged Djems eldest son as Prince de Sang; - Pope Innocent VIII Cybo- Acknowledged Djem as Prince of Ottoman Empire; - King Charles VIII of France-Acknowledged Djem with the titles of Prince de Sang in France and his descendants in 1484; - Duca Ercole I of Ferrara, and Reggio, Acknowledged and Created Djem a Noble of Ferrera and Reggio; - The Doge of Genoa, acknowledged Djem as Prince de Sang, Patrician of Genoa.

The elder branch was claimants to the throne of Ottoman Empire and intermarried with Sicilian families.